Many people think I’m fearless but most of the time I’m petrified.

Scared of sounding stupid, of criticism, of failure. Like publishing the first article I wrote on Medium. Or fundraising to build schools with Pencils of Promise. And for most part, I believe that’s endemic in our culture.  It’s safe to play it safe.  Conform to what society defines as “success”.  What’s worse is when you’ve been successful your entire life, the stakes of “failing” are that much higher. But in those moments,  these are the quotes that give me the extra push to dare to do the things I wouldn’t normally do.

1. When I’m Scared of Failure

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try - Seth Godin Quotes

Playing Safe is Very Risky - Seth Godin Quotes

If Failure is Not an Option then Neither is Success - Seth Godin Quotes

2. When I’m Scared of Saying Something Stupid

(or sometimes when I think it’s Smart but I’m Scared of Sounding Stupid)

You Can't Have Good Ideas Unless You are Willing to Generate Lots of Bad Ones - Seth Godin Quotes

Why Waste a Sentence Saying Nothing - Seth Godin Quotes

The Best the Timid can Hope for is to be Unnoticed - Seth Godin Quotes

3. To Dare to Be Different

How can i Create Something that Critics Will Criticize - Seth Godin Quotes

On Averages, Averages are Stupid - Seth Godin Quotes

Quit or be Exceptional. Average is for Losers - Seth Godin Quotes

4. Pure Inspiration!

Be Genuine Be Remarkable - Seth Godin Quotes

"Successful People are the Ones who are Breaking the Rules - Seth Godin Quotes

Why Not be Great - Seth Godin Quotes

I must have a list of at least 100 but these are by far are my favourites!

Which ones are yours? Would love to know if any of these resonate with you or if there are others that I’ve not included!

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