Asher’s  GiveWhatforXmas Campaign video – Asher was a typical 13 year old boy – he really did not want to participate in this experiment at all. While his sister Anya was up for being filmed and making music videos, he kept asking if he had to do it.

But when it came to his turn, he had his song ready and his video storyboarded.  One thing he was clear on – he did not want his face in the video – which was fine with me. I told him to speak slowly and clearly into the microphone and we only had to do one take for each sentence.   In fact, Asher impressed me with his creativity as well as his natural ability to anchor (using his personal belongings as a frame of reference) – for example by comparing the cost of putting a child through school for a year to the cost of his glasses.

Don’t you think he comes across as highly articulate, sensitive and caring?  Visit our Facebook page – and make a donation if you are touched by this video! As Asher says, it only takes SGD $35 to put a child through school for a whole year.

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