In this post, I’m going to show you how you can get followers on Twitter for free with only 15 minutes of effort each day!

This tutorial is simple. Just follow along and I guarantee you will see results in no time!

To get more followers on Twitter, the single most important thing you have to do is to follow other people.

The trick to this however, is to a) ensure who you follow are of high quality (i.e. qualified in your niche and active on Twitter) and b) automate the process so it does not take up too much time.

Here’s how to get followers on Twitter in 2018 (with 3 free tools and a bit of javascript)

1. Find high quality Twitter lists of relevant people in your niche
2. Copy the Twitter List
3. Follow at least 200 new people a day
4. Engage with their tweets by liking them
5. Unfollow those who do not follow you back after a week

If you do this, you should get about 20-30% of people following you back! At a rate of 40-60 new followers a day, you can easily get over 1,000 new followers a month!

Ready to start the tutorial? Let’s go!How to get followers on Twitter - Pin This!

1. Find high quality Twitter Lists of relevant people in your niche

Twitter lists can be very useful but are not that easy to make. However there are tools that you can use! Audiense is my go-to tool to identify relevant, active people on Twitter, and I use Audiense to add them to Twitter lists.

However, if you don’t want to pay, fret not! Here is another way! You can use Electoral HQ to find relevant Twitter lists.

Alternatively, use these advanced Google Search operators to find quality lists.

site: lists SEO
site: lists social media
site: lists digital marketing
site: lists CMO
site: lists chatbots
site: lists digital transformation

2. Copy the Twitter List

Once you find a good list, you can either bookmark it or copy it to your own with this free List Copy tool. The reason I like to copy the list is because a) you’ll always have the list and can add or remove people from it, and b) the people you’ve added to the list get a nice notification about the list add.

Twitter list copyBonus Tip: Give the list a fancy name. Use words like Inspiring, or Thought Leader or Rockstar. People who see their names added in cool sounding lists are more likely to follow you back. After all, flattery gets you everywhere.

3. Follow at least 200 new people a day

Now here’s where the magic happens. Download this Chrome Extension Mass Follow for Twitter. You do want to be careful with Chrome Extensions, as some could have malware or could use your browser to mine for coins. But I’ve been using this one for years and it works just fine.

Mass follow for Twitter


You can modify the settings, but keep the Wait time conservative, or Twitter may block you from following too many people. 1,000 milliseconds is just about right. The nice thing about this extension is that you can skip profiles you’ve followed before, or skip profiles without a biography or profile image.

Twitter get followers settings

Twitter allows you to follow up to 1,000 people a day but I wouldn’t advise trying to hit that limit, or you might get flagged as a spam account by Twitter.

Use this Chrome extension to follow 200-500 people a day. It’s easy, just press click!

Mass Follow on Twitter

Obviously you can use this extension to copy anyone’s followers, but the result will depend on the quality of the followers that you’re copying. (In my experience, that doesn’t tend to be very high for high profile Twitter celebrities!)

If you’re not a fan of using Chrome extensions, you can also use a bit of Javascript to automatically click all the Follow buttons!

Activate the Javascript Console by going to the Menu bar, View, Developer, Javascript Console, or pressing CMD + OPTION J on Mac or CNTRL + SHIFT J on Windows. Paste this bit of code in. Watch the magic.

a = setInterval(function () {
  $('.not-following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn button.follow-text').click();
}, 6000);

To stop the javascript, type of paste in this code:


Here’s a screenshot on how to do it. Twitter list follow javascript

4. Engage with their tweets by liking them

Now that you have these people on your list, engage with at least 10-20 of them a day. You should comment on their tweets, retweet them, and like their tweets! To automatically like tweets, here is another bit of Javascript that you can use!

a = setInterval(function () {
}, 1000)

Download a list of all the Javascript commands you need here (Follow, Unfollow, Like, Unlike)

5. Unfollow those who don’t follow you back in a week

Twitter limits the number of people you can follow to 5,000 if you have less than 5,000 followers, so you’ll soon hit the limit if all you do is follow.

To unfollow, here are three easy ways to clean up your Following list.

  • Option 1: Use Audiense & Javascript

Use Audiense (paid but so worth it) to add all the people who don’t follow you back to a list. I also like to add Inactive and non-English speaking people to the list.

Once on the list page, paste this javascript code in the developer console.

a = setInterval(function () {
  $('.following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn button.follow-text').click();
}, 1000);

When you’re done, remember to


Download a list of all the Javascript commands you need here (Follow, Unfollow, Like, Unlike)

  • Option 2: Use Twitter Unfollow Unfollowers

Twitter unfollow unfollowers

  • Option 3: Use Mass Follow for Twitter Extension

If the Twitter Unfollow Unfollowers extension does not work (it can sometimes be buggy), revert back to the Mass Follow for Twitter extension.

Use the Unfollow feature, the check the Skip profiles who follow you box!

Twitter unfollow with Mass Follow Extension

And there you have it!

How to grow your followers on Twitter with a bunch of free Chrome Extensions or a little bit of javascript! Before you get too excited about growing your Twitter followers, do read this post about how Building Authentic and Engaged Audiences on Social Media is more Important than Follower Growth!

Do drop me a comment here or on Twitter if you found this tutorial useful, and remember to share this post!

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