#GiveWHATforXmas: Adsy Microsite and Mobile Web

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Adsy – A cute platform for a microsite

Check out our #GiveWhATforXmas microsite and mobile website made with Adsy and Impress.ly

Adsy - QR Code


GiveWHATforXmas - Site

The site can be viewed here:  http://deb.bi/GiveWHATforXmas-Microsite

Impress.ly – an Impressive Mobile Web / App Platform

Our Mobile Web (App-looking site) was made with impress.ly’s App platform which creates a mobile web site which looks like an app on the phone.

GiveWhat for Xmas Mobile Web


Check it out here: http://giveWHATforxmas.com or http://givewhatforxmas.impress.li

And of course we had QR codes for everything!

GiveWhatforXmas_Videos QR Code

Our QR Code for our Facebook Page where we ran most of our social media marketing.

Facebook QR Code

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