So I recently discovered the magic of Twitter Intent. All you have to do is to append “” in front of the tweet you want to send and tada! (You either need to use a googlehseet or Javascript to do it)

Click to Tweet Google Sheet

Using Google Sheets and Twitter intent, I’m going to show you how to create your own Tweet Dis or Click to Tweet images sharable links and images! Using this hack, you don’t have to pay Click to Tweet’s $47.50 a year or be hostage to 5 basic links or for TweetDis’ $17 wordpress plugin.


Ready? Let’s go!


1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet.

2. Use the access token to generate your own branded or generic links.

Click to Tweet Googlesheet

3. Create a free account with Canva and download these remixable templates!Go to Canva and remix any one of the templates to create your own custom TweetDis / Tweetable Quotes / Click to Tweet images.

Tweet This Quote

4. To generate a URL for the picture, you can host it on Imgur or Pinterest and copy the link address.

5. Slap everything into the googlesheet template and bam!

You have limitless options to customise how you want to include tweetable quotes / TweetDis style images on your website or blog (btw they get up to 20% more shares! Change the colour, change the fonts. The images below are all sized 1024×512 and can be remixable!

Tweet This Quote - Pink

And it’s free! I’ve even thrown in a quote bank of 240+ Quotes for you to use!

Quote Bank


If you feel like it, you can make a US$35 donation to my Pencils of Promise Campaign. That will fund a kid through school for a year (I’m almost done! I’ve raised over $75K and have built 3 schools in Laos!)

I Helped Debbie Fund a Student - Tweet This

Warfarin Tweet This

Go on — don’t feel bad taking my templates for free! But do consider making a donation — just think about it, what is $35 to educate a child for a year. 🙂


Enjoy Twitter Image


Live Your Dream - Tweet Dis


Live Laugh Love Gold Twitter Image


Have a great weekend!

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