In 2017, websites saw traffic from Facebook decline from 30% to 18% Instagram showed signs of overtaking Twitter as a driver of traffic. Here are some ways different publishers are using Instagram to drive traffic and acquire email subscribers.



“On average, only 2 to 5 percent of impressions on linked Story posts lead to swipe-ups, per Wescott (partner and co-founder of Select Management Group, a talent management firm that works with influencers such as the McKnights.) But often, those swipe-ups lead to sign-ups, which is leading more publishers and influencers to use Instagram Stories as an audience acquisition tool.”

National Geographic

“This year, National Geographic has begun using links in Stories to promote its email newsletters. As part of its work with the National Audubon Society to raise people’s awareness of bird conservation, National Geographic has asked its Story viewers to subscribe to the Year of the Bird email newsletter. The sign-up form also asks people to receive non-ornithological updates from National Geographic.”


“Quartz has begun adapting its Quartz Obsession email newsletter for Instagram Stories. Those Stories include links to sign up to the newsletter, but any subscriptions that Instagram delivers “will be an amazing side effect,” she said.”

Instagram Stories have become traffic drivers for publishers and influencers – Digiday, April 2018


“What the Guardian publishes now feel much more like news stories that are very much the culture of the internet — more like BuzzFeed’s style,” said Charlie Cottrell, head of editorial at agency We Are Social. “The language and use of emoji, and more low-fi sets, having younger presenters from all different kinds of backgrounds that will likely resonate more with the young audience they want to reach.”

“The Guardian Instagram account typically added between 500 and 1,000 new followers a day, according to the publisher. “This mirrors the average traffic that we drive from our global Instagram account, which is consistently made up of over 80 percent new users,” said Stefanou.”

The Guardian finds less polished video works better on Instagram Stories


“Vogue drives traffic through links in its Instagram bio and Instagram Stories, which has become an increasingly common source of referral traffic for publishers.”

How Vogue diversified away from Facebook – Digiday, June 201

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