Ever since Twitter stopped supporting shared count in late 2015, total share counts on social share bars have taken a big hit.

I know I was affected. Until now!

There are several tools that will allow you to show you your Twitter shares!

1. New Share Counts

New Share Counts by Artur Brugeman is my top choice for showing Twitter shares. Why?

  • It works with existing social share plugins like Sumo.com, AddThis and Shareaholic
  • You can add multiple domains
  • It is used by BuzzSumo, Semrush, Social Media Examiner, Klear, etc.

newsharecounts customers

How to add Twitter Share Count

  1. Go to newsharecounts.com.
  2. Create an account, and register your website.
  3. Add this code to the bottom of every page you wish to add share count to.
<script type="text/javascript" src="//newsharecounts.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/nsc.js"></script>


Without Twitter shares, the post showed 7 shares.

before newsharecounts


Now this looks much better! The post was shared 534 times on Twitter, resulting in a total share count of 541.

after newsharecounts


Before, my blog post was showing one miserable share.


Tada 330 shares! Of which 329 occured on the Twitter platform.

after newsharecounts

It also works with WordPress share buttons and other social share plugins like Shareaholic and Add This.

Adding Twitter Share Count on WordPress Share Buttons

2. Twit Count

Similar to New Share Count, Twit Count can help show your Twitter Share Count, or add them to existing Social Share plugins.

As before, register your website (you can only register one domain per account). Then paste their code at the bottom of every page you want to show Twitter share count for.

Twitcount - Twitter Shares

3. Open Share Count

Open Share Count is a third way to show your Twitter Shares. However, it does not work with existing social share plugins, and you can only sign up for one domain with one Twitter account.

open share count - Twitter Shares


I use New Share Counts because of it’s simplicity and it’s ability to work with existing social plugins, as well as the fact that it allows you to track more the one domain.

Note: All three solutions only start counting Twitter shares that happen from the day you register your website.

HOWEVER, because Buzzsumo uses it, if your article has been indexed by Buzzsumo, New Share Counts would already be tracking the Twitter Shares so you can regain more.

Comparison of Twitter Share Count SolutionsIn the image above, I added all three scripts to one of my articles, and as you can see, only New Share Counts was able to pick up the Twitter shares from before!

This is especially great if you’ve used paid promotion services like Quuu Promote to promote your post on social.

Final tip: Use Chrome Extension Auto Text Expander to save the script, so next time you write a blogpost, you can insert the script with a shortcut key.

If you found this tip useful, do leave a comment below and share this on your social channels! 

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