Do you know about Secret Canva Design Templates?

Canva, my favourite design tool, often partners with third parties to create “Giveaway” templates.  For example, I recently discovered this one with Hubspot, which you can see on  Hubspot’s public Canva page.

Hubspot Canva Page

Remixable Designs

See the first Template Giveaway for Facebook Ads? If you click on the template, you’ll see the option to remix – this template has 20 different remixable designs!

Hubspot Giveaway

Example of Hubspot / Canva Giveaway

How to Discover More Templates

But guess what, there’s more.  If you google Canva Hubspot Giveaway, you’ll see that they have Email Headers, Twitter Headers, Blog Titles…

Google Search: Canva Giveaway

In fact, there are more template giveaways that are not shown on Hubspot’s Canva page or show up in Google searches! I’ve found Templates for Facebook Ads, Facebook Covers, Twitter Headers, Twitter Posts, Email Headers, LinkedIn Covers, Blog Title,  Infographics and a generic Social Media Post. There are over 195+ Hubspot Canva templates! (Access them here!)

And for those that don’t subscribe to Canva for Work and don’t have magic resize, having all these templates for different social media sizes can be a real time saver.

More Hubspot Giveaways!

Canva Hubspot Giveaway: What Google Search doesn’t show You

Summary and Takeaways:

Use Google Search to discover more remixable templates.

Use search query “free canva templates” – this means search for free Canva Templates that don’t come from the site.

My Canva profile also has designs can be remixed like this these Facebook tabs, these Education Quotes, or these Click to Tweet templates! Express Writer’s Julia McCoy also has remixable templates in this article

See who else you can find anyone else that shares remixable templates!

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