How to Keep your Standards High for Dribbble

The post that got put into the best bucket in Dribbble is one that I posted 7 months ago on Instagram. This was made for my best friend Natalie because she’s always perfectly groomed and wearing 4 inch heels.


Source of Inspiration

This quote is an adaptation from one that Coco Chanel said (it’s on my Pinterest board “Believe it!”. )


Choosing the Colour


It’s one of my favourites because it’s my favourite shade of red (one that is slightly darker than the red of the Singapore flag (which has a hex code of #d10000). This colour Red is slightly darker with a hex code of #900002.

The level of precision a hex code is able to give you in terms of colour is amazing. Using a tool called ColorZilla (one that looks like an eye dropper and one that Noah Kagan uses as well) you can select the colour of any webpage or picture with 100% accuracy.

The graphic was made in Canva of course.  Here have a go at remixing it by clicking on this link.

The font of the main text is Oswald – which has been my de-facto font for my quote slides so far.   The “Higher” uses a font called Oregano – which is distinctive because of the unique way the G is represented. See next post for the typographical features of G

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