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Making Gifs for Twitter

I started making Gifs when I realised that they were becoming popular on Twitter.  In particular, Dustin Stout , one of the early Tweeps that I engaged with would always reply with a Gif.

So one of the very first Gifs I made was this one that I sent to him!

Note:  In July 2015, I had about 1.5K followers whereas Dustin is a rockstar on Twitter with 11.5K followers (one of my favourite Tweeps).

For my Pencils of Promise Campaign

I made a number of Gifs for my Pencils of Promise Campaign which were used on Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter. While Instagram does not support Gifs per say, they do support movies and will play loops on repeat, creating the same effect.

This is a Gif that I made as a thank you to all the people that donated to my Pencils of Promise fundraise, where US$37K was raised between 31 Dec – 1 Jan during the Microsoft Windows donation matching period!

Another loop that I made was on Vine – (turn on the sound – it’s more effective with looped sound)!


Tools I used (IOS):

  • Papelook – girly Japanese App with lots of stickers – I typically use this to remove background from images. If I’m on the laptop – then I would use Powerpoint for that.
  • Photo Collage or Over – to add backgrounds / text
  • Gifx – to add Gif effects
  • Loupe Collage for the hearts collage
  • Screencastify to capture it onto Youtube (and to convert to Gif)
  • Vine

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