Turbo Charge your Email Productivity

Turbocharge your email productivity

For those who use Gmail or Google Apps for Work, you’re in for a treat.  Mixmax will not only beautify your Gmail, it will turbo charge your email productivity, bringing enterprise functionality and time-saving automation features straight to your Inbox:

  • Mixmax IntegrationsTrack email open and click rates UNLIMITED,  FREE, FOREVER
    • Track open rates by individuals
      • (even if you send a group email – this is a Pro feature)
    • Access email analytics anywhere, any time.
  • Attach documents and track open, download and interaction
  • Beautify your signature with social icons, emoticons and custom gifs
  • Attach Rich Content
    • Embed auto-play preview videos
    • Attach interactive tables
    • Attach articles with preview picture (like Facebook)
    • Conduct a survey  with Q&A style or Yes / No Questions
    • Attach a call to action
  • Access your calendar from your inbox
    • Schedule events among a group via a group poll
  • Create automated email campaigns and workflows with conditional logic
    • Personalise hundreds of emails at one go with MailMerge and custom variables
    • Share hundreds of pre-filled templates with colleagues
    • File them in neat folders
  • Send faster emails with slash command text expanders
    • Automate insertion of snippets of text or attachments or maps
  • Send password protected / self-destructing emails
  • Send emails with reply via SMS  (like the ones you get from AirBNB)
  • Integrate with your CRM

MixMax combines the functionality of at least 5 different standalone email apps that I used to use 

  • Sidekick (free for limited email tracking. $50 / month for their business plan)
  • Boomerang (for email scheduling, delayed emails, reminders)
  • Wisestamp (for email signature)
  • Attach.io for (document attachments / open rates)
  • Followup.cc for email reminders
  • Email marketing software like Mailchimp

Let’s take a look at some of these features in more detail:

Email Tracking and Desktop Notification

Mixmax for Gmail


Automate Insertion of Snippets of Text

Load preset templates or snippets of text or embed images, videos, maps with slash commands. For example:
/g pulls up the gifs
/YN pulls up polls

Automate lead nurturing from your inbox

Create email drip campaign with conditional logic. Load sharable templates or snippets of text. Set yourself follow up reminders. 

Scheduled Campaigns

Mass Personalisation

Personalise hundreds of emails with mail mergeTrack Real Time Analytics

Mail merge feature allows for automated emails that maintain a touch of personalisation

Keep Templates Organised With Folders

Thousands of Templates

Attach Interactive Data Tables in Gmail

Mixmax Tables

Schedule Meetings Without Leaving your Inbox

Mixmax Scheduling

The *first* and essential productivity suite for Google Inbox

Google Inbox gets an Update

Attach PDF or other documents in Gmail which can be previewed without downloading the document


The basic product is free which gives access to a lot of features currently not available in Gmail.  Their most expensive package is $49 (same price as SideKick for Business) and lets you custom brand your email and landing pages. mixmax pricing


Anyone who uses email will find use in these features, particularly those in business, sales and real estate.  Note the integrations with Google Calendar (Google Drive has been added), Dropbox, Box, Github, Markdown, Giphy and Twitter!

Mixmax Feature Summary

User reviews have been outstanding and an impressive enterprise client list, once a secret as they have been custom branding MixMax have now been revealed. As you can see, even the likes of Google and Salesforce.com use Mixmax.

Mixmax Clients


Mixmax certainly looks like a winner and I have not been this excited about a new add-on for a while. I’ve already installed it and am loving  it’s bright colours and range of features.

One thing that is missing is the ability to look up social profiles like Sidekick or Rapportive. However, I’m sure an integration is on the cards.  While I do not think MixMax will displace existing marketing automation software (like Hubspot), it could certainly pose a threat to single-feature apps like Attach.io or Boomerang.  It’s ability to integrate with Enterprise apps like CRM systems / Dropbox / Google Apps and willingness to allow custom branding will make it an attractive add-on for all users, from Startups to large Enterprises.

For a salesperson, solopreneur or small business, this could be the perfect alternative to a lefty investment in marketing automation or email marketing software.

I’ll be keeping a close watch on this one!

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