Using keyboard shortcuts can 10X your productivity! Here are links to the must know keyboard shortcuts for the most popular apps!

Like the link? Hold CTRL or CMD and drag it to your bookmark bar to add it! (Remove unnecessary words to save space and add more to your bookmark bar!)

must-know keyboard shortcuts

  1. Chrome Shortcut Keys
  2. Google Doc
  3. Google Sheet
  4. Google Forms
  5. Google Slides
  6. Evernote
  7. Microsoft Excel
  8. Microsoft Powerpoint
  9. Microsoft Word
  10. Facebook
  11. Twitter
  12. Canva
  13. Markdown
  14. Emoji

To download a free PDF copy of this list, (here’s another keyboard shortcut tip!) hold the ALT key down as you click on a link to download the contents! Try it! No email necessary!

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter which ones you find yourself using the most!

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Productivity Secrets - Must know Keyboard shortcuts

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