The Mystery of Favicons, SOLVED!

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Learning to Make Favicons

Part of my mission to learn graphic design and web design is to create my own icons and logos for the websites I make (for fun).
One thing has been puzzling me for days — why my favorite favicon generator (Dan’s Tool’s, which generates all the icons you’ll ever need, for Web, Android, Microsoft, and iPhone and iPad Apps) puts a white background to icons where I have deliberately left the background transparent. And yesterday I finally found the answer.
IOS creates a black background for Icons that have transparent backgrounds.
True enough, I checked all my sites that had transparent favicons and they were black.
Favicons Generate with Black Backgrounds
There’s a great discussion on Stack Overflow on the relative benefits of PNG vso ICO and how you can use both.
So what I do now is to:
  1. Use Dan’s Tools to generate them and and to create one with a transparent background for the web.
  2. Leave the favicon.ico with the white background in the root plus all the Apple and Android icons, and a <link> tag with the transparent favicon.png.
I KNEW there had to be a reason why my transparent icons were being turned into white.


Onto my next mission: Animate my favicons with favico.js!!!

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