Lifiehacker Series: How I Work Tim Ferriss

While I love the Lifehacker series, there isn’t a single indexable place where you can find all the “How I Work” interviews.  Just think about it… the interview series has been going on since end 2012 and they interview someone every single week. That’s over 150 interview!

Lucky for you, I have curated my top 33 most favourite Lifehacker interviews of all time into one nifty list!  But before that, a few more of my favourite quotes…

“I have a not-to-do list, which allows me to get more done than my to-do list.” – Tim Ferriss – author and entrepreneur

“Ordering in Chinese food and giving motivational speeches. These skills do not necessarily correlate, but I can do both at the same time if necessary.”  – Neil Blumenthal – ex Wharton and Bain alum, Founder and CEO of Warby Parker

“I’m really good at Googling. Even at Google, amongst Googlers, I could Google better than the Googliest of them. That means that if you’re trying to find something on the internet or figure out the workaround to some bug, I will figure out which Google search queries will find your answer the quickest. I might do a little time filtering (hint: “last year” for modern web dev questions), maybe a site restrict (like for code samples), maybe some advanced image options (like 16*16 if I’m trying to find a nice little icon).” – Pamela Fox – product engineer at Coursera

“I’m of the philosophy that there will always be someone who can do it better than you do—what hope for humanity is there, otherwise?” – Maria Popova – author of Brain Pickings

And last, my favourite advice of all (from Maria Popova, of course)

“Go the fuck to sleep.”

Here are my top 33 favourite Lifehacker “How I Work” Interviews of all time!

  1. Guy Kawasaki – author, publisher and entrepreneur
  2. Amit Agarwal – India’s No 1 Tech Blogger
  3. Jamie Todd Rubin – coder, science fiction and technology writer
  4. Gina Trapani – Founder of Lifehacker
  5. Tim Ferriss – author and entrepreneur
  6. Maria Popova – author of Brain Pickings
  7. Phil Libin – CEO Evernote
  8. Ryan Carson – CEO and co-founder of Treehouse
  9. Kathryn Minshew – CEO of The Muse
  10. Ryan Holiday – author, marketer, and entrepreneur
  11. Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal – Founders and CEOs of Warby Parker
  12. Jimmy Soni – Managing Editor of the Huffington Post
  13. Pamela Fox – product engineer at Coursera
  14. Russell Brown – principal designer at Adobe
  15. Zach Frechette – founder of Quarterly Co.
  16. Maria Sebregondi – co-founder of Moleskine
  17. Anna Holmes – writer, editor, and founder of the blog Jezebel
  18. Brian Lam – editor and founder of The Wirecutter
  19. James Altucher – investor, hedge fund manager and entrepreneur
  20. Leila Janah – social entrepreneur and CEO of the Sama Group
  21. Chris Anderson – author and entrepreneur
  22. Walter Isaacson – writer and journalist
  23. Dave Greenbaum – owner and technician at DoctorDave Computer Repair, and writer at Lifehacker
  24. Clive Thompson – freelance journalist, blogger and science and technology writer
  25. Daniel Pink – author
  26. David McRaney – author
  27. Mike Rowe – host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”
  28. Ryan North – creator and author of “Dinosaur Comics”
  29. Charles Duhigg – journalist and author
  30. Mark Frauenfelder – editor-in-chief of MAKE and co-editor of Boing Boing
  31. Susan Kare – graphic designer
  32. Tom Sandler, Deputy Editor of the Economist
  33. Stephen Dubner, Co-Author of Freakonomics

You can download a PDF of the full list here:

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Which one is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments below!


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