Different Types of G

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Different Fonts have Different Types of G

I did a sample of Gs for my other Twitter and Facebook account: the Gifted Singaporean.

Using a site called Wordmark It!, you can input words that you want to use and it will show it to you in multiple font formats.  Here is a screenshot of how the words Gifted Singaporean look like in different fonts.

Gifted Singaporean Font Comparison


In both large and small cap, G is one of the letters that varies significantly across different fonts.

In the table below, I’ve asked for just the letter g.


You can then select the ones you like and filter for selected.  You can also select to view it in positive (light) or negative (dark) mode. As well as in Caps

Small cap G - in different font


But the font I ended up using is one called White Rabbit and it looks like this:

Gifted SGP favicon


I picked it because the G looks like a human person. I like the rainbow colored one the best because I like diversity and I love color theory. See my post on color theory.

Gifted SGP

But on Dribbble, more people like the black one where I added a heart as well.

Another random thought – ever notice the favicon in Seth Godin’s typepad blog?

It says SG like as in Singapore SG.  And the G that he uses is one of these 8-letter Gs.  I’m still trying to figure out what font Seth uses for his favicon. Seth Godin's Favicon


Which font hits your G spot?

p.s. If you want to review sentences, Google Fonts is a better tool and there’s a clever hack on Github that shows you how to download all the fonts onto your computer in one go!


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