Where do Bain Partners go after they leave Bain?

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I was recently asked on Quora where Bain Partners go to after they leave Bain.

In order to give data-driven answer, I went to the Bain alumni database.. and scrapped, I mean, counted the number of partners who’ve left. So at the risk of being banned from using the database again… here are some interesting facts for you. 🙂
Where do Bain Partners Go

  • There are about 50% more Bain Partners in the system then there are alumni (with partners from the 1970s-2015). So like those who have answered the question before me, many Bain partners are lifers – it’s not easy to make it to partner so those that do are really very very good at what they do. Sure it’s hard work especially if you’re travelling a lot but when you’re at Bain, the thought of leaving for industry where there may be politics, bureaucracy, can be quite scary. Nothing beats working with a fast paced, high functioning Bain team. That is, until you actually leave Bain and realise there is a whole new world out there! 🙂
  • The Bain Partner alumni group is the smallest group out of all the different roles. Not surprisingly the consultant and AC group are the biggest.
  • More than 50% who leave are now C-Suite execs (CEO, CFO, CIO, President, MDs). Well known ones are John Donohoe who was the President of Ebay until July 2015 and is now on the board of Ebay and the President of Paypal. Another recentish one Erika Serow from the NY office who is President and CEO of Sweaty Betty.
  • The rest – senior management (EVP, SVP), board members, advisory roles.
  • Very few who categorise themselves as “self employed” though there are many founders in the C-Suite group which I guess is a grander form of being “self-employed”.


The surprises!

  • About 10% are in academia – Professors. Didn’t know that.
  • There is also one architect amazingly enough.


Industry Splits

  • 20% are in private equity firms, with another 10% in financial services
  • Professional services is the next biggest group
  • There rest are spread across different industries.

Note: this assumes that the database is up to date – which it probably is not. 

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