Digital Discovery

What We Offer

Digital and Social Media Strategy

Data-driven, customer-obsessed digital and social media marketing for results

Chatbot UX Design and NLP

Conversational design and natural language processing for intelligent chatbots

Digital Due Diligence

Pre-acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition advisory on unlocking the digital upside

Training and Developing

Custom training for senior management and C-suite and staff

Chatbots and Conversational Design


Digital Discovery Clients 1
Digital Discovery Clients 2

What They Say

“Deborah is extremely knowledgeable, tech savvy and possesses strong business acumen. These skills allow her to execute any project with the highest quality and excellence.”
Chua Wailing, The Learning Lab CFO

“As a highly driven individual with a passion for what she does, working with Deborah was an exceptional experience.”
Ling Cheah, The Learning Lab, Marketing Director

“Deborah Kay is a Dialogflow guru and can help you make the bot responsive to incoming messages and make the conversational experience engaging.”
Josh Barkin, co-founder

“Deborah is a visionary who keeps up with, and influences, emerging digital trends and brings immense value to all with whom she works.”
Donna Queen

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