Wai Ling Chua

COO, The Learning Lab

Debbie delivers results and thinks out of the box. She is highly motivated and competent, with an eye for details. She has strong work ethics, believes in sharing facts and the truths for optimal organisational performance. She is hard-working, committed, and able to get along well with people at all levels of the organization. She builds working relationships with the key stakeholders and gained their confidence and trust. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable, tech savvy and possesses strong business acumen. These skills allow her to execute any project with the highest quality and excellence. She truly inspires me with her wealth of knowledge, passion for learning and continuance pursuit for perfection. It has been a true pleasure working with Debbie!

Ling Cheah

Head – Marketing and Enrolment, The Learning Lab

As a highly driven individual with a passion for what she does, working with Debbie was an exceptional experience. Her strong analytical reasoning and immense dedication brought forth various refreshing perspectives that led to novel suggestions and great discussions. As such, multiple value-adding ideas that could help our organization improve were raised and implemented. Debbie was also a highly resourceful consultant, bearing a wealth of connections and knowledge that were very valuable. Being an effective communicator with a charismatic personality, Debbie was highly engaging and built amiable working relationships with her partners. With her fiery passion and mental acuity, Debbie is a promising consultant that is a true pleasure to work with.


Bain & Company


Debbie is a fantastic trainer at Senior Associate Consultant Training. She received consistently high feedback from her training group and went above and beyond to build camaraderie and friendship.  She was also an asset to the training group and was a lot of fun to have on board.” “Deborah played an important role in the success of the program. Deborah is a great team player and was an enthusiastic member of the trainer team and offered insights and guidance to the rest of the trainer group. In addition, the small breakout team which she taught day to day gave Deborah positive feedback scores and comments.  This reflects her preparation and commitment to the program. Over and above this, Deborah exceeded our expectations.


Debbie is a fantastic trainer. She does such an excellent job of including real life examples and explaining how the training can be applicable both inside and outside of Bain’s context.  She brings a rich perspective about the importance of workplanning and was very open in sharing examples of where better workplanning would have saved her time and made her a better manager.  I came away with a concrete understanding of how to workplan.
Debbie is a wonderful facilitator. She really brought a wonderful breadth of experiences and perspectives to share.  She made us feel very comfortable and it was easy to have an open and honest conversation with her touching on key concerns we have.
We are very lucky to have such a good trainer! Debbie was able to come up find answers to all of our questions with illustrative examples of her vast experience within and outside Bain. A real privilege!

Email from Seth Godin

I could have a heart attack right now…. just got almost instant email reply from Seth Godin.. pic.twitter.com/kTHnZYTpuf

— Deborah Kay (@debbiediscovers) December 2, 2015

Email from Noah Kagan

Heh THX @noahkagan! If not for @Jimmy_daly‘s Swipe File (#Subscribe #Both), I wd have missed the original email ? pic.twitter.com/a1mSh6Busm

— Deborah Kay (@debbiediscovers) February 26, 2016


Tweet from Guy Kawasaki

@debbiediscovers @Hubspot Were you bored? Was it too much? Did any slide seem irrelevant? 🙂

— Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) June 10, 2015


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— Aaron Lintz (@aaronlintz) December 17, 2015


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